Sinagoga Maribor

The Maribor synagogue is one of the more important monuments of Jewish cultural heritage within the Slovenian territory, and also one of the older preserved synagogues within the Central European area. Besides individual guests from all parts of the world, organised groups also come from schools, and from Israel. Yona Metzger, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel was also amongst our visitors in 2008. In 2011 the Synagogue began operating as an independent public institution under the title ‘Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Synagogue Maribor’. The funds for operating this centre are mainly provided by the Municipality of Maribor. Part of the necessary funds is now being obtained from international invitational tenders and donations.

Associazione Culturale Quarantasettezeroquattro

History, memory, territory: these are the main themes around which Quarantasettezeroquattro works to build a network of related initiatives in order to make interact scientific research, education and new technologies. The association, founded in Gorizia in 2009, coordinates the work of researchers and experts in various disciplines - historians, researchers, artists, film makers - fostering interaction and dialogue of different methodologies, ideas and perspectives: encourages and offers studies and research on the relationship between history, memory and active citizenship; organizes scientific, cultural and educational activities focused on cooperation and cross-border mobility. Works in the field of audiovisual productions, exhibitions and museums media as "Topografiedellamemoria – Museodiffusodell’area di confine" - "Topographies of memory - widespread Museum of the border"; organizes events, workshops, educational projects for schools of all levels.

Centre for civic education

Vision of the CCE is Montenegro as a democratic society of responsible citizens. Mission of the CCE is to contribute to the development of civil society and participation of citizens in policy shaping and decision-making through the education of various actors in the field of democracy, human rights, European integration and active citizenship. Objectives of the CCE are: Enhancement of citizens’ education in the field of democracy and human rights, Encouragement of citizens to actively participate in decision-making processes, Research, analysis and representation of solutions and policies that are leading to further democratization and Europeanisation of Montenegro; Documenting of and advocating for fact-finding on human rights violation, especially those which are relevant to the process of dealing with the past; Informing and empowering young people for their personal development and social activism; Encouragement of citizens’ initiatives.

Peace Action

Peace Action is formed in 2002. The mission of Peace Action is promotion of peace and culture of nonviolence. By now, Peace Action have worked on: dealing with the Past, antiwar campaigning, conscientious objection, protection of minority rights, peace education of youth, support for other CSOs in Macedonia and the Region of SEE in organizing activities and politics in area of peace and youth activism against militarization and discrimination. The 'Dealing with the past' program is consisted of collection of life stories of the war of 2001 in Macedonia, publishing books and other materials about the war, involving different groups (refugees/IDPs, war veterans, victims and families of victims, etc.) into dialogue and promotion of reconciliation process in Macedonia. Peace Action currently holds the biggest archive of life stories about the armed conflict of 2001 in Macedonia. Peace Action was partner organization of CORECOM Initiative and is now a member and supporter of the Initiative.

CNA’s mission is the building of sustainable peace in the region of former Yugoslavia through the promotion of nonviolence and dialogue, and through the trust building among individuals and groups, as well as constructive dealing with the past. We have been striving to achieve a society of sustainable peace where the development of critical thought, taking responsibility for society and community, the encouragement to reassess one’s own attitudes and the acceptance of the diversity are cherished. To achieve these social values, we apply different kinds of activism, while focusing on peace education, publishing and video production.

Center for Cultural Decontamination

CZKD emerged from the anti-war movement in Serbia in 1995 with an idea to offer a framework for civil activism in the struggle for peace, reconciliation, solidarity and critic in Serbia and the region. In 20 years of work CZKD organized more than 5000 different programs, including workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures and complex performance experiments, plays, performances, exhibitions, concerts, public discussions, film projections. CZKD is a place of political and cultural dialogue and has been and it remains public space for critique and affirmation of social phenomena. The CZKD/Ms Pavicevic received the Otto Rene Castillo Award for Political Theatre (2000); the French medal of the Order of the Legion of Honor (2001); the Hiroshima Prize for Peace and Culture (2004) for cultural activities that promote tolerance, reconciliation and respect for human rights in former Yugoslavia; the European Cultural Foundation's Princess Margriet Award for Cultura Diversity (2009).

Association Goli Otok "Ante Zemljar"

Association of Goli Otok "Ante Zemljar", from Zagreb, started with advocacy activities towards designation memorial Area Goli Otok [Barren Island, island in North Adriatic] in 2004. Until than they have a lot of contacts with representatives of political authorities, mostly with Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and National Minorities in order to initiate the procedure for adoption of the Memorial area Goli Otok. In their efforts to present the problem to the public they had a lot of contacts with media and representatives of local authorities. Meanwhile cooperation with Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past become intensified and two organizations already organized a few press conferences dedicated to the topic of the memorialization of Goli otok.

Volunteers' Centre Zagreb

Volunteers’ Centre Zagreb (VCZ) promotes volunteering and coordinates and organizes volunteering projects locally and nationally. Our main activities include: coordinating short-term and long-term international volunteer projects, organizing international volunteer work camps, coordinating local volunteering service in the city of Zagreb, education providing and promotional activities. VCZ is recognized as resource centre for volunteering in Croatia by Croatian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. VCZ is a member of Croatian Network of Volunteer Centers and partner with many other organizations and networks, such as South East European Youth Network. VCZ is Croatian branch of international peace movement Service Civil International, movement existing since 1920, dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds.